Joshua Corps: for the things which God has said


If you talk to God, and you desire an answer, He will give you a good one.

He is eager to help you work through, around, or away from every kind of stress.

Go ahead. Ask Him. It's not too hard. And it's more than worth it.

If you don't know how, please, talk to us, or anyone else who knows, and we will help.


A Crib Sheet for Church
How Does God Give Us A Good Job? A Declaration of Dependence
concerning Sunday school
for young adults
Open Bible Study
and the Small Church
A way to do good for, and with, many people who have good reason to hate churches.
Death, Thenceforth, and Thereafter Towards More Life
about Joshua Corps an Outline of the Bible
A Word for God Bullying and The Nonviolent Ethic Oneness as the Lord Lives
Blood And I Will Give You Rest Transmurphicologicality